Letting Your Confidence Soar

Have we ever wondered about why the super heroes have certain attires attached to themselves? The classic blue and red suit of superman or the black cloak suit of batman. Why do these super heroes only wear their uniforms and not just any ordinary clothing? It’s because these clothes tell people what these individuals represent. Their outfits speak for themselves and send across a message about what these people can do. And the impression that certain attires create on us is a well-known fact. But now it seems like the opposite is also true. That the clothes we wear can also affect us in a positive manner.

The relationship between clothes and our mental processes

When people comment on how your clothes reflect your mood they have indeed been talking about the relationship between clothes and cognition. When we are feeling low we tend to wear clothes that are toned down, maybe something that we have bought off a suit sale in Launceston and go without accessories. When we are feeling lively and in a good mood we go for brighter colors and complement our clothing with the appropriate accessories. But what if we try to change our mood with the type of clothes we wear?

What if we tried to wear something brightly colored on a day we are feeling down, will it help us lift our mood and change the way we feel?Research is trying to prove that it does. For example when people wore clothes with super hero logos on them or men wore suits it made them feel more confident and physically stronger. Which in turn helped them feel more confident and think higher of themselves. When women were asked if they can work out a mathematical problem in a swimsuit or in formal wear, the latter group performed better. So it goes to show that the type of clothing helps us perform better at whatever task lies ahead if we are dressed appropriately. For further information you can definitely click here for wedding suits.

The ultimate word is that we are not simply what we wear but that we become what we wear. So if you want to become someone in particular you have to ensure that you are wearing clothes that has been attached to that style. You can’t wear clothes like a gipsy and expect to feel like a doctor can you? But those who are not a doctor do end up feeling like one when they wear a white coat. I guess that’s why the phrase, dress appropriately has been passed down along the generations because most people recognized the major role that attire plays with the way people think and the way we process things and thus respond to various situations in our lives.